Garry Oak Park Building A  

Building A features 5 units ranging in size from 1952 to 2488 square feet.

Building on the sustainability concepts incorporated in the Greenrock Industrial Park, Garry Oak Park will have beautiful and extensive landscaping along with a garden and sitting area close to the preserved and ancient Garry Oak Tree, after which our park has been named.

The project has been lovingly designed to utilize artistic styles that are warm, inviting and unique. High quality and durable products have been selected to ensure that units are easy to maintain, yet resilient and robust. Materials that we’ve incorporated include metal cladding, aluminum overhead doors, aluminum and glass entrances and windows, cedar panels and cedar trellis.

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250 228 9987

1875/1885 Boxwood Road
Nanaimo, British Columbia
V9S 5X9 Canada

Start Date: August, 2018
Completion Date: June, 2020
Sale/Lease Date: July, 2018